Under Instant Search Settings, you can find the basic settings of the Rapid Search search engine, which you can use to customize your drop-down search box.


These settings are available in the Rapid Search admin Settings › Instant Search menu. The menu is divided into several subfolders.

A preview is offered beside or below the settings (depending on your browser resolution) so that you can check how each setting looks like either during search or during zero-character search both on desktop and mobile devices.


Press on the small icon on the top left to change to mobile view:

General Settings:

Under General Settings, you can find the default settings of the instant search. By hovering over the small information icon you will get additional help for each setting.

Disabling the Hide Logo button removes the Rapid Search logo at the bottom of the search box. This is only available for paid plans.


Turning on the Search header better separates the suggested search suggestion groups in the search box. By default, this is turned on for desktops and off for mobile devices - the latter is so to save up space on the mobile display of the search box. By turning the buttons on and off, it is possible to adjust the display to fit your template, product range and individual taste.

Having the Show SKU button switched on allows for the SKU of each product to appear in gray above the product title in the search box. It is recommended that you turn this button on where visitors recognise or search products by their SKUs, i.e. as a store that sells tools, or technical stuff you may find this especially useful.


By turning on the Hide prices button, there will be no prices, discounts or discount badges shown for products in the search box.


When the Hide out of stock products button is turned on, out-of-stock products will be excluded from search suggestions. Please enable our result page in order to have these products for the search results as well. 


You can also change the Layout of the search box from a vertical drop-down box to a horizontal one. You may find this quite useful when you have the Show SKU button turned on, and this way the search box does not take up so much space from the page vertically.


If your store has any Language different from English, you may either choose that from the list here or leave this on Auto-detect, and that way we will try to get this information from your store. This way, the language of the search will match that of your store.


During search ordering:

When a visitor starts typing in the search bar, Rapid Search's search box offers popular suggestionscollectionspages, and products; by default 5 popular suggestions, 3 collections, 3 pages and 5 products. With this setting in the admin, you can increase or decrease the number of these suggestions shown in the search box, or even set them to zero. For example if you don't want the search box to offer pages then simply set the number of pages here to zero.
The search box on the desktop is always broken into two columns with product recommendations always on the right and popular suggestions, collections and page recommendations on the left side.



Zero-character search:

Zero-character search means when a visitor clicks into the search input but has not started typing yet. In this case, Rapid Search displays by default 5 popular suggestions and 5 product suggestions in your search box to help visitors browse. These are the most popular products and the most searched keywords that are listed here based on the searches in the last 30 days. Rapid Search is constantly “learning” over the 30-day trial period, so with time, the keywords and products displayed here will become increasingly relevant.


If you want to see the most ordered products in the last 30 days rather than the most viewed ones, all you have to do is to change the Popular products sort order setting from View count to Order count. However, we only recommend doing so if at least a few hundreds of orders are placed in your store each month for the suggestions to be relevant.

During zero-character search ordering, you can increase or decrease the number of popular suggestions and popular products shown, and you can also choose to have search history displayed in the search box.

Sticky widget:

Sticky widget is a floating search icon that stays in a fixed position when you are scrolling up and down the screen. In case your theme does not have a search bar and/or there is no place to insert one, inserting a sticky widget can be the ideal solution.

There is a possibility to choose if you want a sticky widget even if there is a search bar in place, or only when there is none or not have a sticky widget at all at the Show sticky widget field.

You may even set the placement of the sticky widget on your storefront at Widget position.

Full page overlay:

At the Full page overlay section you can choose if you would like to Show search overlay only when the sticky widget is clicked on or at any time a search bar or search icon is clicked on at your store.

To have a Search input placeholder different to the standard “Search” text, you may add it here.