If you have Color as a Variant added to your products in your Shopify admin, you can set color filters for your search results page and/or your collection filters in the Settings › Filters menu of your Rapid Search admin in the Filter order and visibility section:

Your color filters will appear for your search results page (and if enabled for your collections).

You can choose to have the colors listed by name:

or as color swatches:

You can adjust this in Color filter settings:

  1. As a first step, check and/or adjust how the Color variant is named in your Shopify admin so that we use the correct filter (this is important as you may have given it a name other than color) in the Color option name section:
  2. Then choose the Color filter type:

How to adjust you color swatches?

  1. Rapid Search automatically groups your colors into color families and each family (blue, green, red, yellow) and displays a color of the color family in the color filter palette.
  2. By clicking on Manage color families, you can see all your color families, and change what colors to include in a color family, and what display color should appear for each color family in the color filter.
  3. You can either edit a color family by clicking on the pencil next to its name:
    1. You can change the Name of the family:
    2. You can change the display color of the family by clicking on the Color and either entering a new color code or choosing a color from the palette appearing
    3. You can add or delete from the Colors of family (for adding click Add then Submit)
  4. At the end of the Color family list, you will find a group named Other: here are those colors that Rapid Search could not automatically allocate into any of the color families.
  5. You can either add them to an existing family (as per above), or create a new color family by clicking on the Add color family button:
    1. Here you can add the Name, choose the Color of your new color family, and add the color or Colors of family you wish to include in the color family.