This article is about Rapid Search collection filters and filters to your Rapid Search result page. 

Important information about Rapid Search filters in general:

- A great advantage of Rapid Search collection filters is that you can filter collections with up to 10,000 products.

- Our filters will be enabled automatically for your search result page as per the Rapid Search result page is enabled by default when installing the app. Filters for the collection pages will have to be enabled manually in Rapid Search Admin > Settings > Filters menu > Enable collection filters section. 

- Enabling the Rapid Search filters for your collection pages or search result page will replace your Shopify built-in collection filters and the theme design will also be changed to the Rapid Search design. You can customize some aspects of the Rapid Search design with custom CSS that can be added in the Rapid Search Admin > Settings > Design menu > Custom CSS button.

- The Rapid Search Admin > Settings > Filters menu allows you to enable/disable and customize filters. Changes made in this menu will affect both the filters on your Rapid Search result page and Collection pages (if they are enabled).

You can not create new filters in our settings, Rapid Search can only display and customize your existing filter options that are based on your product variants in your Shopify Admin.

Themes you can add filters to:

You may add collection page filters to any or all of your themes in your Rapid Search admin by simply switching on the toggle of the chosen themes; multiple themes can be selected at the same time.

If you'd like to see our collection filters fully functioning in your live store, please enable them for your Live theme (usually the first one in the list). You can enable them for a draft theme as well, in this case, you will have to click the Preview icon next to the toggle to see Rapid Search running in the draft theme.

Types of filters:

In the same menu, you can also choose what kind of filters you wish to see: Collection, Product type, Price, Color, Brand, Availability, Tag filter, and you may filter for any of the variants you have added to your products in your Shopify admin.

Tag filter:

Your collections and your search results can be filtered by the tags you have added to your products in your Shopify admin. You can select if you wish to include filters for all of your tags or only some of them by clicking on the small cogwheel icon next to the toggle. 

Besides having the option of showing filters for all of your tags, you can either exclude tags by listing the tags you wish to exclude, or you can specify which tags you would like to have a filter for if you select the Show selected tags only option.

Variants filters:

Your collections and your search results can be filtered also by the variants you have added to your products in your Shopify admin. This means you can have more filters by adding new Variants in your Shopify admin and enriching them with various Options (i.e. Variant: "Material", Options: "metal", "wood", "ceramic", "plastic"). (For further info about adding variants, please consult this article.)

Color filter:

Clicking the cogwheel of the color filter will allow you to customize how you would like to show your available color palette within the filters, and manage color families. If you select Color swatch as appearence, the filter will show a circle image with the shades of each color family within the filter. If you select "List", the names of the color families will be written.

You can manage color families which allows you to change the shade visible for the Color swatch option, and you can add custom colors to the families - for example, if you have a color variant called "Barbie-pink", you can add it to the Pink color family.

Important note about your variants:

Variant option names are case-sensitive. Having the variant options "Color" and "color" will result in having two different filters that can be corrected only by bringing the relevant variants to a unique format in your Shopify admin. 

Customizing your filters:

- The filters may be enabled or disabled dragged and dropped to change their order,

- they can be renamed so that they would appear with a different name in your store, 

- and you can customize the filter option sorting mode for each filter. Please note that you can set the sorting option for each filter separately and some filters have more options than others. (For example, the Brand filter has less options than the Size filters).

In case you have your collection filters enabled, your filters on the search results page would look the same (i.e. if your tag filter is enabled, it will be enabled for both your result page and collection page as well)

- Changes applied in the Rapid Search Admin > Settings > Result page menu will also be applied to the design of your collection page (i.e. if your Layout has 3 products per row in your result page, the collection will have 3 products per row as well).

For all the rest of the settings concerning your result page please see your Settings › Result page menu (Please consult our article on Result Page here.) ...

Contact us if you need help

In case you are facing any issues when having enabled your collection filters, or something is not working as expected, you may submit a ticket to us or contact us via chat, and we will be more than happy to assist with your query.

Thank you for using our filters feature, and please let us know how you feel about it!