In the Statistics > Search analytics menu, you can find all the terms that were searched for in your store in the Rapid Search instant search or on the search results page.

It is possible to export the data for the chosen time period and download it in a CSV file. The result can be used for refining your search functionality (i.e. adding synonyms), and also to optimize your store's product offer and layout.

Top searches:

Trending searches and Trending products are listed here.

Trending searches are the most frequently searched terms. You will see the number of users that searched for it, and the number of searches that were carried out for this keyword. CTR tells you the click-through rate, meaning if the search was completed or abandoned, and the number of products is the listed results for that particular keyword.

Terms shown as trending searches tell you what your visitors were looking for but did not directly find on your storefront. You may reconsider what you include on the storefront, what you highlight in displayed categories based on this data or it can even be used when defining a next campaign.

Trending products are the most viewed products in your store, and you can see in the table how many of your users have visited that particular product page. In your instant search, if the Trending products field is selected to Most viewed in the Instant search settings of your Rapid Search admin, then the top 5 results here would be by default shown in your drop-down search box as suggestions.

All searches:

This section gives you a table with the list of all the searched terms that have been entered in your store's search engine.

Keyword is the search term that was entered. Original keyword would be displayed if the visitor typed a search term but then clicked on a popular suggestion that was different from what they had entered. The table also includes the date and the time of the search carried out, the number of keyword suggestions and the number of collections displayed in the drop-down search box for that given search term, as well as the number of products that resulted in the search, also the device (if the visitor carried out the search on a laptop or on a mobile device) and the user type (whether a visitor or an admin did the search).

Admin searches: Please note that searches carried out by anyone logged into the Shopify admin on the device at the time of the search are considered admin searches and are listed here in the All searches statistics as well as in the Search composition diagram on the Statistics/Dashboard menu but not in the Number of Searches graph.

No-result searches:

Those search terms are listed here where the search gave no results.

The table tells you the keyword searched for and the total number of users that searched for that particular keyword; as well as how many searches in total were carried out for the given keyword.

Search terms can end up with no results for two reasons: 1. the visitor searched for a product that is not offered in your store, or 2. used a different term for a product that you offer.

In the first case, you may consider marketing the product if it is being searched for very often. In the second case, you can add the term used by the visitor as a synonym of the term that would lead to a product you offer. For more information, please consult our article about Adding Synonyms.