Rapid Search is supporting the most popular multi-language apps on Shopify. 

So when it comes to the multi-language search of your clients, you don't have to make compromises, because Rapid Search's got your back. 

Check out our integration articles to kickstart your store's multi-language search in less than 10 minutes:

Note: When you translate your store to a new language, we automatically start updating your store's resources, this process can take up a few minutes or even an hour. The changes will only be visible on your storefront after the sync is completed. Any changes made to translations would be visible on your storefront after the next daily sync. 

The sync can be launched manually in the Rapid Search admin >> Settings >> Advanced >> Manual Sync button

The integration is successful if you can make searches in a different language than your store's original language. For example, your store's original language was English and now search works with French as well. So the integration can be considered successful.

In case you followed our step-by-step integration process and synced your products too and still, the integration does not seem to work then please, contact our kind support HERE.