About LangShop

The Language Translator – LangShop app allows store owners to make their business international in minutes.

The integration between LangShop and Rapid Search unlocks the ability to use the translations of LangShop in our app, and hence translate the Smart Search Bar & Filter widgets for multilingual storefronts.


Note: Don't forget to install both LangShop and Search Bar & Filters app before the integration!

For the integration, please follow these steps:

1. FirstGo to Shopify settings >>Languages >> Click on the Add language button to add your desired language.

2. Publish the languages you added.


A. If you are using International domains, you might need to check if the language has been enabled for the domain. Please go to Shopify admin >> Settings >> Domains >> Manage. 

B. If you wish to use your primary domain only for more languages, then go to Settings >> Markets >> Primary Market Manage button >> Domains and languages Manage button >> Languages and tick the checkboxes of the languages you want to use. Don't forget to click on Save at the end!

4.  Go back to the LangShop app settings and click Translations to manage your store's translations.

5. When you finished translating your store and its assets, in order to have the new languages applied in your search as well, go to your Rapid Search admin >> Advanced >> and press Manual Sync to synchronize your products.

6. If you have translated your store's products, pages, etc. successfully then now you are able to search in multiple languages in the Smart Search Bar & Filter.

In case you followed our step-by-step integration process and synced your products too and still, the integration does not seem to work then please, contact our kind support HERE.