Badges appear in the top left corner of the product card to highlight special information about the product. 

You can hide or customize the conditions of the badges in the Rapid Search Admin > Settings > Badges menu. You can recolor the Badges in the Rapid Search Admin > Settings > Design menu. These settings will affect both the instant search drop-down box as well as the search results page product boxes.

Rapid Search will display badges both in the drop-down search box:

...and in the product boxes of the search results page and collection pages:

There are four types of badges shown by default:

1. New badge:

By default, the New badge is displayed if the product has been added to the store less than 30 days ago. You can change this default number of days, or you can hide the New badge completely.

2. Discount Badge:

The Discount badge will show the percentage of the discount if a product is on sale with more than 10% off (i.e. a -14% badge will indicate a 14% discount on the product) and will show the "On sale" text if the sale is less than 10%.

The Discount badge will only appear if you set a compare-at price in your Shopify admin, indicating that the product is on sale. The badge won't display if you simply lower the original price of the product.

3. Stock Status Badge:

The Stock Status badge will show if the product is in stock or out of stock.

It is possible to have the Stock status badge displayed A) only if the product is in stock, B) have it always displaying all stock statuses or C) hide the Stock status badge completely.

4. Low Stock Badge:

By default, Low Stock badge will display the number of items left in stock if there are less than 5 items left in stock for the specific product. It is possible to alter the number of items, that set the limit: when the stock is below that, Low Stock badge would be displayed. Furthermore, you can hide the Low Stock badge completely.