1. How to start:

If your store does not have a search bar, or you wish to replace the search bar in your store, you can do this with a few clicks in the Rapid Search admin Settings / Custom search bar menu.

This is where you would land from the Rapid Search admin homepage too:

When you enter the menu, in the custom search bar editor you will see the preview of your storefront. 

On the left, a sign tells you to choose the element in your storefront you would like the search bar to be placed next to:

So if you would like your search bar to be placed next to the cart icon, click on the cart icon.

It is important that you choose the larger element to be exact with the placement of the search bar. So for the cart icon for example, please choose as per above, and NOT:

After you clicked on the cart icon, the search bar will immediately appear next to it:

You can then choose if this is a search bar you wish to publish, to be seen only by admin users only or be disabled. These two latter options gives you the possibility to play around with the search bar looks and placement before you make it live on your storefront:

2. Customize your search bar:

The custom search bar editor places the search bar next to the chosen element, but you can change the placement. If for example, you want the search bar to be placed to the right of the cart icon, simply choose right here, and the search bar will appear there immediately:

You can also change the colors of the search bar to match your theme:

You can either chose a color from the color picker or enter a color code:

You may want to change what you see in the search input field. The search bar placeholder can be changed to say "Search" in your store's language or even call out to users i.e. Search for the best cars in the country, etc. Be creative!

You can also change the size of your search bar (in pixels), so increase/decrease the width or height, it can be long, short, big, tiny, whichever suits you the best:

You can choose if you would like the search bar to appear on desktop or mobile devices or both.

Please note that for mobile devices, the search bar will be placed under the header - you can still customize the colors and the size of the search bar. :-)

And for those with some CSS skills, you can edit custom CSS if you wish to make your search bar even more unique:

3. Are you stuck?

Please note that our custom search bar editor is still in Beta version. Should you experience any issues, please click on the chat icon in the right bottom corner to contact us. This will pop-up a chat window, and you can send us your request directly and if you reach us within working hours, we aim to respond immediately.

4. Complete your search bar

When you are done customizing your search bar, simply click on Save in the upper right hand corner. Should you want to start again, press Discard. After having saved, you can view your brand new search bar after refreshing your storefront. :-)

Have you created a search bar, but you wish to remove it? No worries, simply click on the Remove custom search bar button on the left bottom corner.