Result page lists all search results when a visitor, having typed a search term, either chooses a popular suggestion of the search box or presses Enter.

By default, search results are listed on the Rapid Search result page. In the Settings / Result page menu of the admin is where you find all settings to the result page as well as the button to disable and reenable it. You may get more information about each setting by hovering your mouse over the small information icon.

One of the great advantages of having the Rapid Search result page enabled is that almost all instant search settings (e.g. autocorrect or synonyms) are valid not only in the search box but in the search results as well.

Please note that any settings on this page below the enabling toggle would work only for those themes where collection filters are NOT enabled.

For such themes where you do not have any collection filters enabled, you may refine the outlook of your result page. Under General Settings,  choosing a Pagination type sets how your visitors load more products: by clicking the Show more button, scrolling through numbered pages, or by infinite loading. 

Infinite loading means that the page keeps loading as you scroll down; there are three scrolls, and after that you need to scroll further manually.


At Product card alignment you may change the look of the product cards by defining if the product information is aligned to the left or to the center of each product card.

By default, our result page displays 3 products per row and 4 rows per pages. At the Layout section you may change this, and set a maximum of 5 Products per row and maximum 10 Rows per page.

At Product fields order you may choose what information is displayed in each product card, (i.e. you would like to see SKUs or vendor displayed) by turning the relevant button on or off. Drag any product field row by clicking on it with your mouse and moving it up or down whilst still holding it to change the order of the related product information in the product card.

Filters for the search results page are either enabled together with your collection filters, or in case your collection filters are not enabled for any of your themes, for that theme you may have filters added after having subscribed to any of our paid plans.

To customize your filters, please go to the Settings / Filters menu of your Rapid Search admin (Please consult our article on Filters for more information.).