If you recognize that the Rapid Search search engine is not working in your store, first of all, please check the app status in your Rapid Search Admin > Home page. 

A) If the enabling button is blue, it means that Rapid Search is running in your store. If you are experiencing issues while Rapid Search is active, please contact our customer service via chat or email.

B) If you see the button being grey but it can be interacted with, you can enable Rapid Search by clicking the button. Please enable the app and check your store again after a few minutes, please make sure that you are not using outdated cache upon checking.

C) If the button is light grey and cannot be interacted with, it probably means that you have exceeded the limits of your plan, and so the app was automatically paused. In this case, Rapid Search will remain disabled until you either upgrade your plan or the monthly period for your current plan restarts. You can upgrade your plan in the Rapid Search admin > Subscription menu.

If you can't seem to find a resolution to your issue, please contact our customer service team via chat or email.